29 October 2015


instgram followers grow

I am just going to put it out there, right now before anyone get's the wrong idea I am definitely no Instagram expert and by no means do I have the best or one of the best Instagram accounts. You ask why am I even doing this post then, well I am always getting emails and messages asking about my Instagram accounts and any tips I have for beginners. So I thought I would just do I post about it (and I had to fill up my blogger planner with some useful content).

My top four tips for growing your Instagram, they might not be new to you or they might be but these are the things I have found to work for me.

1. Good Photos, the quality of some of the feeds on Instagram is INSANE seriously wow. People will follow if your photos are good and aesthetically pleasing. Obviously I don't mean go out and buy the most expensive piece of photography equipment so that you have really good photos, most of my photos are taken on my iPhone. The most important factor for a good photo is definitely lighten, if you have good lighting you most definitely have a good photo. Recently I went through my Isntagram feed and deleted all the photos that I didn't like, my sisters alway get angry with me cos I am constantly asking them if they like a photo or not and I am always deleting it's the perfectionist in me. I am bordering on obsessiveness with my Instagram feed which is not a good thing. Its a good idea to follow a couple of Instagram feeds that will inspire you and Pinterest and Tumblr are also good sources of inspiration.

2. Consistency, with everything else where you are growing a following consistency with your content is one of the most important aspect. I have noticed a major difference, so when I post consistently my followers increase and then if I have a couple days where I don't post, people unfollow (kinda harsh). I know Instagram is supposed to be about capturing that instant moment and sharing it with the world but when you are using the your feed for your blog it is a good idea to have some back up photos that you can post whenever the perfect Instagram moment doesn't present itself.

3. The last tip leads on nicely to my next tip, timing. Work out the best times to post, this isn't as hard as it seems just play around a little and figure the times where people are liking or commenting more on your photos. For me I find, it's quite early in the morning so between 7-9am and then later on the evenings around 9pm. Which is perfectly explainable as people are waking up or going to bed so they are most likely to be on their phones and going through their feeds. Also Sunday mornings are really good for posting photos on Instagram (is this normal that I know all of this)?

4. Engage, probably the most useful tip on this post. I have seen a significant increase in my followers since I have been liking and comment on other's photos especially those that have similar accounts to mine. A good thing to do is go through the #bblogger (or whatever you like) tag and like some of the photos and comment, people usually return the favour and even give you a follow. It works in that you are exposing your feed to more people, I always say if you don't let other people know that you are out there, they won't know you exist?

Some of my favourite Instagram feed and that do the whole Instagram thing really really well:

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@Li-Chi Pan 

So there you have it, my tricks of the trade (such a cliche, I am a walking and talking cheese ball) for growing your Instagram accounts and hopefully you have found it useful. Most importantly remember it's supposed to be fun, I don't always like picture perfect Instagram accounts people want a little glimpse into who you are so make sure it's interesting and fun. Let me know what your tips are for Instagram, could always do with learning more about improving my feed.

Zeynab x

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