13 November 2017


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I am the queen of procrastinating and putting off things til the last minute, which isn't so great when you are self-employed and need to motivated 99% of the time. Keeping with blogging and everything else is difficult enough, to stay on top of everything I have had to really up my organisational skills. Now that I sort of actually stick to somewhat of a schedule, I can pass on what I have learnt to help me keep on top of things.

1. Lists:
I found that making lists for absolute everything, is just supernal helpful. It's much more efficient to have your tasks down on paper and where you can actually see them. I came across a really good post by Amber from Ember & March on why you should make lists. Also it's absolutely satisfying to tick off each tasks when you have completed them. 

2. Prioritise:
Having lists make it easy to prioritise and being the extra person I am I like to order my tasks in order of importance and when I have to get things done by. This way you can start of with the most important tasks and work your way down, I find this to really efficient and this way you won't ever fall behind (hopefully).

3. Distraction:
I am the sort of person that is easily distracted, by almost everything and anything, I once cleaned and reorganised the whole kitchen cabinets instead of starting on an essay. I literally have to lock myself in a room and with no distractions (even my phone, which is my number one distraction) to get things done or work at a library or coffee shop. Oddly enough I work better when I am around other people (strangers not friends), maybe I feel pressure to actually work in these situations. 

4. Single Tasking:
I am always trying to do a hundred things at once which doesn't always go so well because I get quite overwhelmed by it all and I end doing less. Over the last couple of months I have adopted the single tasking method, where I attempt to do one task at a time, which has been working so much better for me.Definitely the way forward, it make more senses if you think about it. 

5. Recognising when you are most efficient:
I am pretty useless came late afternoon anything after 4pm I can't be bothered to do anything that requires too much effort. I don't know why but I have become such a morning person, in the past I wouldn't really work during the mornings and just complete minor tasks and leave the more important stuff til the evenings. Which wasn't the best approach to tackle my to do list because since I have started doing more of the important stuff in the mornings, I have found that I am getting more done.  Find out when you work best and set a time to complete your tasks during that time.

Do you have any tips for keeping organised and getting work done ?

Zeynab x

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