6 September 2017


iPhone apple detox
I  have probably made the intention to reduce the time I spend on my phone, way more times than I can count. Social media detox is something I have planned for and never quite succeed (but life isn't all about success right?) I have tried and failed time and time again. That was until I was put into a forced social media and phone ban. Yes forced, read on my friends.

My phone is permanently attached to me, even when I am sleeping my phone is close by.  I am never without my phone. My excuse is that I work in social media so it's my job to be on my phone, you know? So around June, my phone gave up on me. It just wouldn't turn on again, and long story short I was left without a phone and I let that roll on for well until mid-August time. 

Everyone has something to say about social media, whether it be good or bad. I couldn't tell you today, how I feel about mobile phones and social media. It's complicated. There are days where I think it's the best thing since sliced bread and there are days where I couldn't care less if it vanished completely. It's very much a messy situation.  Like all things, moderation is key. But, what happens when there is no self-control? We become completely engrossed with our phones. I dare you to look up from your phone and look around, almost everyone is staring down at this device invaded our lives. That is the one thing I was shocked by. When you don't have a phone, you look and noticed no matter where I was on streets, on the train or even at the park everyone was on their phone. I felt a sense of freedom. I wasn't tied down by the responsibility that comes with mobile phones.

Working in social media, I am on my phone quite a lot. My work can sometimes take over and I find myself consumed with things that I could be doing (I tell you what there aren't enough hours in the day). There is always something to be done, engaging with your following, updating your feeds and tweeting etc. There is so much pressure to be constantly present online. I almost feel guilty whenever I am not taking advantage, of all the time that I have. It can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Smart phones have made it easier to take our work with us, literally everywhere. For a workaholic, before you know it, you are replying to emails at 3 am. It's so easy to blur the lines between being online and offline. If you take a minute to think about, it's frightening how you could be easily living online all the time.

During this period, I was sleeping so much better. This was mainly because I wasn't on my phone until early hours of the morning, scrolling through Instagram and/or tweeting. I couldn't reach for my phone, first thing in the morning because I didn't have one. I actually got up and got on with my day. I can't tell you how much more productive I was. I was definitely on a roll.

This sounds so, I can't think of the word but I am sure you probably know. Being on my phone less meant I was present. I was actually engaging with my family and watching the telly properly. I couldn't tweet about the shows, I couldn't be liking or catching with comments while socialising with friends and family because I didn't have one.

You could say life with my phone was pretty darn good, yep! However, let me tell you it wasn't all good. I have definitely become too reliant on my phone. I mean, how am I supposed to go places without google map and how could I stalk my favourite people on Insta? Jokes aside, the worst thing was probably not having a phone when I was meeting up with people, that was no easy task. It took careful planning and a lot of waiting. Also, the fact that no one could phone me. Which, is a good thing but not when clients are trying to get in contact with you not so good.

There is a consistent and inexplicably draw to my phone. It's easy to slip back into my old habits but I am a mission to limit the time I spend on my phone - but I am not gonna be hard on myself. Social media is what you make of it. As long as it's a creative, positive and inspirational platform for me, I will continue to use it whether it be for work or personal use.

Let me know what you think of a social media and mobile phone detox.

Zeynab x

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