8 June 2017


I am trying to grow my nails, let me tell you something maintaining long nails isn't a easy job. They were breaking, so I decided to try out a nail strengthening treatment. The treatment worked but it messed up my cuticles - I will be honest it was my fault I wasn't careful with the application of the treatment. 

I've had a lifelong obsession with my hands and nails. A hand care routine is something that is very real in my life. I recently added this cuticle oil to my hand care regimen from Dadi'Oil in the hopes that cuticles would be moisturised, and perfectly manicured - one step to the hands of my dreams. 

I honestly don't know how this nail treatment came into my possession. Dadi oil is a 95% organic treatment, enriched with vitamin E to intensely hydrate dry cuticles. It also promotes new nail growth, because it increases circulation in the nail bed. I really like this oil, I have one in bag and one by the telly - the brush applicator makes it really easy to apply and its lightweight so it absorbs quickly. My nails definitely feel stronger. 

If you are as into your nail care as me, I would definitely recommend this product. I have had a little search online and it's available on amazon for £8. Quite expensive but one bottle has lasted me for a long long time. 

Zeynab x

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