28 February 2016


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You really want something and you put in all the hard work but it doesn't go to plan, it doesn't exactly seem fair right? Life can be callous in that way. That Doctorate course I applied to, I mentioned in last week's post, well I didn't get into the course . Rejection isn't a blast, and what makes it worse is that I actually thought I could get in despite the odds (extremely competitive course). I have never dealt with rejection well, I took the avoidance approach when it come to rejection. One thing I have always disliked about myself is the fact that I am too vigilant, too practical when it comes to life and there is this constant internal battle where I am suppressing my desire for creativity and flexibility.

I approached 2016 with an excitement for the future and desire for more for myself. With my first cardinal failure of the year, I was flooded with an overwhelmingness of the anxieties that come with rejection but also reminded of how dangerously unsatisfied with the status quo I had been. The future together with a little imagination is an exhilarating thing. Which eclipsed my mind with the idea of an alternative future.

Failures are like traps, you with fall into the darkness or you can figure a way around it. With a little imagination and self belief, people have and continue to do great things. You and I can be a part of it as well. I truly belief that you never miss what is meant for you. Taking a little step backing and examining your way forward is a good thing and nurturing a positive attitudes for the things you have  can take you far.

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Thank you so much for all the lovely comments that you are left in last week's post with my regard to doctorate.

Zeynab x

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