21 July 2015

Top Job Search Tips For Graduates

I went to my sister's graduation yesterday and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my top tips for job searching, since nearly all new graduates will be thinking about it. Firstly congrats if you have just graduated, I remember when I graduated (I sound like an old woman) is was such an exciting time. I absolutely miss uni life, definitely had some amazing experiences. Life after uni doesn't always go as planned, it's definitely not easy but sometimes that's ok because you discover new things and realise somethings are not right for you. I have put together some of my top tips for new graduates for job search, I wish someone would have told me it would have been so helpful

1. You might not get the job you want or any job straight away but that's ok. I know it can be really frustrating not getting the job since the application process is a lot of hard work and you have this degree that is supposed make the process easier but it doesn't work like that. It's really hard but don't give up, I find that the best way to do it is to apply quite early in the day, so wake up and take the time to apply to some jobs. Then you have it out of the way for the day and something you will eventually come up. Also should be volunteering and interning to gain and develop the skill and experience that you need.

2. Don't compare yourself to other's successes. I found this one quite hard, all my friends came straight out of uni and ended up in the perfect jobs (well that's how it appeared to me). For some people it falls into place really easily and for some it takes a while but you never really know the effort or the struggle they had to go through. Try to remember it's not a race and it's part of life and everyone will take a different route.

3. I hated and I still hate the process of applying for jobs, I find it extremely hard. One thing I found that made it much easier was looking for jobs online and signing up to job search site. There are loads of them online, it's just a fact of finding one that suits you. I really like Indeed and City Calling, Indeed is really good because it's really simple and it makes it really easy to refine the search. I have been using City Calling recently and it's really good, it makes use of so many social media platforms (which is so great, especially when you are trying to stand out) and there is so much information on there for all the different steps you could be taking.

4. Network, I never realised the importance of networking until I actually saw how effective it can be.   Job search is made a 100% easier, if you actually know or take the time to get to know the people in that particular sector you want to work in. Go to events, talk to people who might be influential and it's much easier now because of social media.

5. Stay positive, this might be the hardest but you have to try and remember that if you put the effort in and you will eventually get the outcome. If you start to have a negative outlook on this, then it can get really depressing trust me I have been there. If you need a break, take a step back and get your head in the right space so that you can stay focused and positive. This is not gonna work, if you don't stay positive.

Hopefully you have found this post, so what useful and congrats again if you have just graduated !

Zeynab x

P.S The great depression that is job search and how to deal with life's set backs.

* This post was created in collaboration with City Calling. 

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