6 August 2015

TV Hunk of the Week : Dr Derek Shepherd McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey)

Greys anatomy season 10 finale meredith grey and derek shepherd
Look at that hair, it gets me all the time. 
I haven't done a TV hunk of the week in a little while but I am back this week with my ultimate TV hunk Dr Derek McDreamy Shepherd. He wasn't nick named McDreamy for nothing, Dr Shepherd is just so dreamy and gorgeous. Women all of the world have fallen for him, he represents the perfect man husband (you know what I mean right). He is intelligent, handsome and absolutely charming, he is definitely my older guy crush. My favourite thing about McDreamy is definitely his hair, look at that hair ( I wonder what he does to get it like that, Mr Dempsey you need give me some tips man). He has wonderful hair, yes I used wonderful to describe someone's hair ( I may be losing the plot). A full head of beautiful lustrous locks and all I want to do is run my hands through his hair (that sounds like song lyrical). Running my hands through his hair, that is up their in things to do list I don't ask for much.

Derek Shepherd is brought to live by the amazing actor Patrick Dempsey, who has done an terrific job with the character. Mr Dempsey is also a car race driver, how hot is that ? I have always had a thing for adventurous guys and those baby blues don't hurt as well.

By now everyone knows that I am a fan of Greys Anatomy and I can't believe Season 10 finale is around the corner OH NO !!! Not only will Greys not be on our screens for a while but we have to say goodbye to Cristina Yang, it's just so sad !!

Zeynab x

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